Learner report

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The learner report feature on GoSkills is perfect for tracking all of a specific learner's progress on their training. Follow these steps below to quickly dive into a learner's training performance.

Learner report

  • To access your learners reports overview page, select 'Learners' under the REPORTS section of your admin dashboard.

Learners nav

  • Scroll down to the Learner performance section and select a learner’s name to see their learner report.

Learner name

  • This will take you to your learner report which includes the following:
    • Courses started
    • Courses in progress
    • Courses completed
    • Time spent learning
    • Gamification stats
    • Activity log
    • Courses log

Learner report example

  • You can also filter all of this learner report's data by date.

Date filter

If you have any questions about the learner report feature, you can reach out to our support team at