Features of GoSkills courses

1 minute read

GoSkills has a training library with 100+ courses ranging from Microsoft Office to Project Management, Finance and more. Here are some of the features that GoSkills has to offer:

Self Paced Learning

  • Flexible platform that saves the learners progress so they can start and stop as needed.
  • Makes learning fun with time-tracking goals, daily streaks, GoSkills coins and personalized rewards. 
  • Learners receive badges for earned course achievements.
  • Related resources for additional tips and tricks.

Premium Video Tutorials

  • Over 200 hours of expert-led video content.
  • Taught by award-winning instructors.

Unlimited Tests & Quizzes

  • Initial Skills Test - Learners can identify their strengths and weaknesses before taking a course with this quick initial skills test.
  • Practice Quizzes - Every lesson includes a practice quiz to test your knowledge.
  • Final Exam - Learners can take a final exam and review their results.


  • We provide a Certificate of Achievement for each completed course. Learners can add this to their resume or LinkedIn, to show potential employers that they have undertaken training from us. 
  • Any employer can verify training on our website by entering the certificate verification number. You can learn more about our accreditation here.

Mobile Friendly

  • GoSkills can be accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection.
  • Bite-sized lessons help learners retain information while they are on the go.

Newly Released Content

  • Our courses are regularly updated and reviewed to ensure our courses are relevant, educational and applicable.