Creating an account

Create an organization

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GoSkills offers organization accounts for teams and businesses of all sizes. Ready to create an organization? Read below to find out how you can get started.

Create an organization on GoSkills

Organization Pricing

  • Select how many licenses you will need. This depends on how many learners you want to train at a time.
  • Select the annual or monthly pricing plan.
  • Select the yellow 'Buy now' or 'Get started' button for your desired plan option.

Select plan

If you aren't sure which plan you need, you can scroll down on this page to compare each plan's details in the Compare plans section.

Compare plans

  • Fill out the required fields and select ‘Create Account’

Create account

  • Add your credit card information and select 'Buy Now'

You will then be redirected to your new organization’s admin dashboard. To find out more information about the admin dashboard, click here.

Need help getting started? You can reach out to our sales team at for assistance.